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Colby document 2:
Employee’s Notice of injury or Occupational Disease





2. Employee’s Notice of injury or Occupational Disease

27 Nov 53


Date of this notice:

27 November, x1953

1. I hereby certify that I am employed as a Supervisory Biochemist at the SO Division, CmlC Biological Laboratories and on (day of week) Friday Thursday 27 November 1953, at evening m. I was injured in the performance of my duties at (unreadable) Maryland

2. Cause of injury Classified Illness (Describe as best you can how and why injury occurred.)

3. Nature of injury Classified Illness

4. Names of witnesses so injury Lt. Col. V. L. Ruwet

5. If this notice was not given within 48 hours after the injury, explain reason for delay and state name of person to whom notice as first given, and when Results of the inury unnoticed . . . (mostly unreadable) . . . until Tuesday, 24 November . . . (unreadable) This injury was not caused by my willful misconduct, intention to bring about the injury or death of myself or of another, nor by my intoxication, and I hereby make claim for compensation and medical treatment to which I may be entitled by reason of the injury sustained by me.

Name Lt. Col. V. L. Ruwet

Address for Frank R. Olson

R.F.D. Frederick, Maryland

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