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1 December 1953

MEMORANDUM FOR: Inspector General




1. Pursuant to you request, Dr. Willis Gibbons, Chief TSS, was contacted on the evening of 30 November1953 concerning pointshereinafter noted.

2. Dr. Gibbons has impounded all LSD material in CIA Headquarters in a safe adjacent to his desk. No one else has the combination to this safe;the material was so impounded on 29 November 1953.

3. Dr. Gibbons stated that he is stopping any LSD tests which may have been instituted or contemplated under CIA auspices. A cable will be sent to the field on 1 December 1953 to this effect.

4. Only two (2) field stations, Manila and Atsugi, have LSD material. There is none in Germany although Mr. William Harvey recently expressed interest in the subject. A cable to the field on 1 December will instruct the field as to non-use and request data as to how much is on hand and who has custody and access.

5. CIA has furnised a limited quantity of LSD to Mr. George White, Chief of New York District, Narcotics Division, Treasury Department. Dr. Gibbons does not now know the exact amount in Mr. White's possession. White is fully cleared according to Dr. Gibbons.

6. In summary, LSD material over which CIA has or had distributive responsibility is located in four places: (a) Dr. Gibbons' safe, (b) Manila, (c) Atsugi, and (d) that in possession of George White. Exact amounts in each location are not yet available.

7. There are several "grants in aid" units and individuals in the United States doing research with LSD. None of these received material from CIA; some know of the CIA interest and furnish reports to CIA. Only volunteers are used. While some of the work is done with knowledge of CIA interest, it does not appear to be done under the auspices of CIA.
8. Dr. Gibbons said there is very little or no correspondence, either internal or external on the subject, but that he would collectg such as existed for the Inspector General.

9. Dr. Gibbons was also asked to collect and have carried to the Inspector General all reports on the use and effects of LSD. He thought by this definition he wold have a drawer full of reports.

10. Dr. Gibbons was asked to prepare alist of known clinical grants in aid units and individuals in this country engaged in LSD research. it appears that Dr. Abramson has experimented with this drug.

11. Dr. Gibbons was not clear as to the mechanics of CIA acquision of LSD but said he would get the answers. The material is not under Federal U.S. Governmental control to the best of his knowledge. It is an experimental drug, and as such, is not allowed to be sold in this country. Most LSD obtained by CIA comes from the Eli Lily Company with head offices in Indianapolis, Indiana. Dr. Gibbons thought some might have been obtained from other parties but he was not certain. The Eli Lily Company apparently makes a gift of it to CIA. Dr. Gibbons was not certain whether the company brought it here, to a cut-out arrangement, or whether it is picked up in Indianapolis. The manner of receipting for the material is not clear.

12. Answers to the questions asked by the Inspector General which are not given by the above are being obtained by Dr. Gibbons and will be furnished as soon as he is able to get them to this Staff.

Chief, Inspection and Review
Orig. & 1: addressee
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