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Viewer response to A&E airing of “Mind Control Murder,” Sept.22, 1999  

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Posted on A&E web site in response to “Mind Control Murder” 9/23/99 03:40 AM

Frank Olson was my father’s immediate superior at Fort Detrick. After Dr. Olson's death my father wrote in his journal that he was extremely concerned about Dr. Olson’s “termination”. Frequently he and his colleagues would receive inoculations to protect them from various bateriological or virological agents they were working with. Soon after raising questions about Olson's death, my father, who was a Biochemist, was injected with what was supposed to be a killed viral vaccine. It was allegedly to immunize him from a retrovirus they had discovered during his work there that could induce a form of Hodgkin’s disease. He recorded in his journal that instead of using a killed virus they had “hit” him with a live virus. He began to spike a very high fever, which he remained in for weeks. When he returned to work he continued to raise difficult questions and was almost immediately removed from “Special Ops” and demoted to the status of a “reader”. This meant that he was out of the labs and in the library. Soon thereafter, he entered the private sector work force.

In late 1959, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. My mother learned from his attending physicians that not fewer than 11 Government laboratories regularly analyzed my father’s cell morphologies as he died from what he described as the “time bomb” with which he had been injected. They closely watched my father die.
Anyone who wants to find out more about the LSD experiments involving Olson and my father can refer to the book “Acid Dreams”. My father recorded in his journal that Frank Olson felt that he had “blown the experiment” because he had revealed to my father and another scientist who was present that they had been given between 10,000 and 15,000 micrograms of LSD in their cocktails that night. This meant that the “blind” had been lifted on the experiment. Olson was despondent to see elite US Government scientists being treated like guinea pigs. He told my father that he should “get out if you still can”. Well, he got out the hard way.

It is good that the Olson’s were compensated for Frank’s murder. I am writing to tell you that there is a longer list out here in TV land of families who suffered horribly with no compensation. My family and I thank God that Eric Olson pursued the truth about his father’s death. Perhaps because Eric has shed light on this dismal moment in the history of our country other citizens will realize the extremes that seem justified to the monsters who killed Olson and my father. Perhaps the murders will cease. I doubt it.